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220 Area Code Ohio

South-eastern Ohio is home to the cities of Newark, Lancaster, and Marion under area code 220. It covers the same territory as area code 740 and is an overlay. The 220 area code is necessary for all residents of Ohio when placing calls.

220 Area code - Every Ohio resident will need the 220 area code to make a portable selection. Soon, the present 740 spaces will be expanded by spot number 220. It will likely appear in April, which is expected. Permissive Phoning has been in effect since September and supports clinic visitors who provide the area code.

220 area code- My country mobile

Ohio Virtual Phone Number

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Where Is 220 Area Code?

The centre and southeast parts of Ohio are serviced by the area codes 740 and 220 of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio presented an overlay proposal with area code 220 in April 2015 because they believed the 740 number supply will run out that year. Since then, the strategy has been in effect.

History of 220 Area code

In order to organise phone numbers by distinct geographic regions in both the United States and Canada, the North American Numbering Plan Administration created the system of three-digit prefixes known as area codes in 1947. One of the initial 86 area codes given to North America was 220. is a fantastic site to take into consideration if you’re trying to get a phone number with the 220 area code. No matter where you are, they provide a practical and affordable way to get a current 220 area code.

Maps of Virginia ZIP Codes Using 220

In the United States, postal codes called ZIP codes are used to distribute mail. The first three digits of a 5-digit ZIP code are referred to as three-digit ZIP codes.












Benefits of 220 Area Code

The 220 area code may greatly aid the expansion of your company. With the help of the 220 area code, your company can advance in the following ways.

  • Instantly use your Seattle number from any device: desktop, laptop or smartphone
  • Increase your business reach
  • Get virtual number
  • Make unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and 50 other countries for no extra cost
  • Take advantage of 70+ useful phone system features including: Custom greetings, Call forwarding, IVR press 1, press 2, Call recording, etc.

Metropolitan Areas Situated in the 220 Area code

The 740 area code's supply of mobile numbers is almost gone, according to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, especially in the Central Ohio region, which includes Licking County. In order to guarantee a steady supply of mobile numbers in this region, the Commission has proposed a new area code, 220, which will be put into use alongside the current 740 area code right away. This will give Central Ohio a large supply of new mobile numbers in the future.

The availability of mobile numbers with the area code 740 is now in short supply, particularly in Central Ohio, which includes Licking County, according to a recent statement from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. The Commission has created a new area code, 220, which will be deployed concurrently with the current 740 area code in order to avoid a lack of mobile numbers in this area. As a result, Central Ohio will always have a supply of mobile numbers.

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